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Growing Your Audience: What You Need to Know

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Everybody wants to be an influencer.

In the age of social media, commas are king. Whether it be a K or an M, having a letter in your follower count on Instagram looks awesome. It's a rush to see that red notification dot pop up to show you all the strangers who just can't get enough of your content and the banter that's started under your post.

Us creatives live and die by the impressions of those who experience our art. The problem is and has always been:

How do you get this awesome content in front of people who will love it?

Here are some things to keep in mind to help your marketing efforts and get you closer to that follower letter.

You Aren't for Everybody

Everybody isn't going to like your product. Everybody isn't going to like your art. But somebody will, and your job is to understand who those somebodys are. Focus in on them with your marketing efforts. Start small. Remember, marketing is an investment, and investments are meant to create cash flow so that your money makes money. Well, if you're investing in marketing, make your fans make you fans. Build your target audience.

Nobody Needs You

Correction, nobody knows they need you. And simply telling them how much they need you isn't really the way of the world anymore. The age of the Don Draper-esc ad men are over, and today's marketing is more so geared towards playing on the average person's inner narcissism. Nobody cares about you or your song or your show or your album.

So then, how do you break through? Simple: stop telling everyone about you and what you do. Focus your efforts on helping your target audience reach their goals.

Communicate Like a Person

In order for people to trust that you can actually help them, to trust you so much so that they're willing to pay you with their time and money, there's got to be some type of relationship established. This is going to sound foreign in a time where we've gotten so accustomed to internet tough guys and computer gangsters. Brace yourself:


This equates to professionalism. Be professional. Be normal. Be conversational. And most of all, focus on THEM, not YOU.

"Focus your efforts on helping your target audience reach their goals."

This Should Be Obvious...

Deliver a product worth loving! Quality is step one. And EmMeka Music can help enhance the quality of your product so that the time and effort spent making it great will be evident.

It's a whole lot easier to market a product that's actually GOOD. So let us help get you there. Click on over to My Services to get started.

Agree? Disagree? Drop a comment and tell us your thoughts. Don't forget to share, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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