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Artist Spotlight: Meet Nature

In this first edition of Artist Spotlight, I got to talk to one of my favorite clients: Nature.

Nature is a multi-talented artist gifted as a musician, singer, songwriter, and rapper. Based in Central Florida, Nature's silky smooth guitar vibes, soulful vocal riffs, and dreamlike lyrics are guaranteed to grab and keep your attention. Hopefully you'll hereafter find him in your favorite playlist!

Q: How did "Nature" get his name? What was the inspiration?

"I took advice from a dude who was drunk. I don't think drunk people are idiots. It honestly took me back not ever realizing that my name was so close to the word nature."

Q: How long have you been an artist?

"[Since] 2014"

Q: What should a listener expect when listening to your music?

"The truth I couldn't give to my ex-wife. Too deep for the intro?"

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?

"I like to think I do a mean Brave-edition Scottish accent, sometimes."

Q: Name 5 reasons why the New England Patriots are terrible, terrible people.

"1) New

2) England

3) Patriots

4) terrible

5) terrible people"

Q: What do you have upcoming? What projects are you currently working on?

"This is all comedy guys. Lots of new upcoming music, hard to keep up with it all. Second reversible album and trying to figure out how to get people to take to an artist who literally dives into two different genres. I play the acoustic guitar and write singer/songwriter music that's totally different from anything I hope to promote first or 'initially become successful' from, meaning I want my hip hop lofi electronic-esque to pop more than anything, first. I want to be old and retired being known as the first artist to start as a "weird" hip hop guy and fuckin' just ended that shit as a smooth ass singer/guitar player who's just dope."

Q: Where can we find you music & content?

"My music is available on all streaming platforms as well as Number 1 Music and Lum, in a variety of ways. For example, Lum gives you the chance to see my material in it's demo phases, up through completion. I'm actually gonna turn the drafts into NFT's. Get yourself some N8TR tickets if you have a draft."

Q: Where can we follow you on social media?

"My IG, TikTok, and Twitter is @_2ndN8TR."

You can listen to Nature's new single, "Love in the 21st" here at EmMeka Music or on Lum. This song was produced right here at EmMeka Music!

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